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Video interview: Author Heather Massey explains steampunk

By Virna DePaul, USA TODAY

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with author and blog owner Heather Massey about the intricacies and allure of science-fiction romance, including steampunk romance. Heather’s “Clockpunk” trilogy launches this month with her Red Sage novel, The Watchmaker’s Lady, which focuses on a hero, his automaton soul mate, and the impossible odds they overcome to be together. Heather also talks about “cosplay” (costume play) and science=fiction romance conferences.

Heather’s committed to increasing awareness about science-fiction romance, and she encourages readers not to be intimidated by technological elements and scientific world building. According to her, these stories have just as much emotion and character development as any other romance genre and, depending on author choice, can be quite sexy. I, for one, am ready to dive in!

Find out more by visiting Heather’s blog, The Galaxy Express, and her author website,

So, HEA readers, have you read science-fiction romance or steampunk — or ever dressed in costume for a writers or readers conference? (If you don’t see the “Comment” option below, click on the headline to the post.)

Virna DePaul is the best-selling author of the Para-Ops paranormal romantic suspense series, including her latest release, Chosen by Sin. She also writes for Harlequin Romantic Suspense (It Started That Night, May) and HQN (Shades of Desire, June). Her website is

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