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Steampunk Style Lamps Made From Plumbing Pipes and Beer Bottles

Boing Boing notes, “My favorites are the ones that run their wiring through plumber’s pipes and use faucets as on/off switches, but then there’s the skateboard vanity light. Woah.”

© ZAL Creations

Woah indeed. There’s a fantastic amount of creativity behind these designs, as well as versatility. For instance, the twisty wall lamp is made of “galvanized 3/4″ plumbing pipe fittings and six 12oz beer bottles. All electrical components are UL listed (Westinghouse). Weatherproof. Can be mounted both inside or outside.”

And wouldn’t you love to put that up as your porch light?

© ZAL Creations

As for more indoor stuff, the desk lamp is made of “Galvanized 3/4″ plumbing fittings and three 12oz beer bottles. 12 ft grounded power cable. Rotary faucet handle “on-off” switch.” Awesome, and it is only $30.

The only thing that isn’t clear is whether or not the materials are recycled. We’re guessing the beer bottles are, but the pipe and fixtures are probably new, since the lamps would be much more varied if they were gathered from scrap heaps.

Even if most of the materials are not previously used, it certainly is a project that can inspire us for what’s possible to DIY at home with some old parts. We love the creativity and scrappy look.

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© ZAL Creations

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